Acid Stained Concrete Flooring Has Beautiful, Intricate Design


Sometimes less is more. But when you watch YouTuber BestProject1 transform an ordinary concrete floor into a work of art, you may think differently about the previous statement. Sometimes, the intricacies and close details of a project really make it shine.

Such is certainly the case in the video featured below. BestProject1, real name unknown, uploaded the seven-minute clip to YouTube back in November of 2009. It’s been viewed just over 50,000 times and is what we might consider a hidden gem on the video sharing site. The man in the video is no doubt an artist – and he’s got a pretty unique canvas.

Decorative concrete staining is an excellent option for those who are looking to breathe new life into ordinary concrete flooring. And while most people wouldn’t look at a concrete floor and think “art project,” the opportunity is there. With decorative staining or acid staining (which is seen in the video), there is an abundance of possibilities as far as patterns and designs go.

Below you can watch BestProject1 acid stain concrete in what we can presume to be his backyard – but we’re not certain. The project starts with an in-depth outline of the design before our handyman begins the staining process. What’s especially impressive about this job is that the man uses two different colors for staining, and there are no signs of them bleeding into one another.

After the concrete floor has been stained, he uses a grinder to further etch out the lines of the design. Once he’s done with that meticulous process, he hoses down the area and is able to admire his hard work.

According to The Concrete Network, you can acid stain concrete both indoors and outdoors. Prior to undertaking the project, though, you must evaluate the state of the surface. As far as prices go, the average cost to stain one square foot of concrete ranges from $2 and $4. More extravagant designs will cost more.

If you’re interested in acid stained concrete flooring, or any sort of decorative flooring for that matter, give the video a spin below. You’ll be amazed by the end result.



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