This Act Of Kindness Will Warm Your Heart


Sometimes, the smallest acts of kindness can show you a whole new side of someone and give you a new perspective into their life that you never would have had before. This young man works in a nursing home, and has always treated the people there as patients. That all changed when he wanted to learn to dance.

The young man was teaching himself to dance when an elderly woman saw him practicing. She boldly told him “I can dance better than you.” The young man was obviously stunned and probably was in a bit of disbelief, but he accepted a dance with her to see if her statement was true.

It turns out, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! Not only was the woman a great dancer, she was able to coach the young man into being a better dancer himself. The newfound ability gave him the confidence to ask out one of the nurses he fancied.

I love witnessing chance encounters like this. This young man very easily could have never met this older woman, but because he did his life changed forever. I also love how this video shows how timeless and lovely the art of dance is. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, everybody loves to dance!



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