Adopted Son Discovers He Has A Long Lost Twin Sister


Angelo Wright says he felt incomplete his entire life. The 18-year-old from Temple, AZ had his feelings affirmed when his mom confessed to him that he had been adopted.

Apparently, Angelo had medical problems when he was a baby. His biological mom made the decision to allow her son to be adopted by a wealthier family who could provide him with better care.

Angelo began searching for his family, but he didn’t have any leads.

“I started to do a search,” he said. “I kept looking and looking, but I was never able to spell the names right.”

Then he found an old photo his birth mother had given his adoptive family. On the back, there were three names: his name, an older sister’s name, and, to his surprise, a twin sister’s name.

Twins are separated at birth more often than we realize: For example, twins Elizabeth and Ann spent 78 years apart before finally reuniting.


Angelo went on social media and tried to find his twin. He found a girl named Leanna Cohen and his gut told him that this was her.

“I go onto Facebook and I look at her [my twin], and that has to be her; that has to be my twin,” he said.

When he noticed people wishing her a happy birthday on November 17th — which is his birthday as well, he knew his instincts were correct.

“On her wall on Facebook, I scroll all the way down to November 17th, and that’s when it hit me, because everyone was saying ‘happy birthday.’ Well, that’s when my birthday is too, November 17th,” Angelo said.

Watch Angelo reunite with his twin, older sibling and mother below.

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