Adorable Dogs Use a Pool Cover as a Slip ‘n Slide


When you were a child, you doubtless had endless summer fun on a Slip ‘n Slide. While those days are likely long in the past, man’s best friend simply does not care. These two adorable canines are using their owner’s wet pool cover as a one such Slip ‘n Slide, and are obviously enjoying the experience.

It looks like much more fun than the standard experience, as it lacks the annoying grass and wrinkling of those childhood days. Instead, these dogs have wide-open space slide and skate on, and they clearly intend to make the most of the experience.

The childish antics of these dogs really is adorable, and is certain to brighten up your day. If this video made you feel a longing for those childhood summer days, or if it just made you laugh, be sure to share with your Facebook friends, and remind them of the experience, as well.



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