Adorable Footage Proves That Dogs Are A Tiger’s Best Friend!


If you’ve ever visited a place where you might encounter wild animals, you’ve probably received this piece of advice: Never come between a mother and her baby.

This piece of wisdom is doled out at national parks, safaris, and even petting zoos to help keep visitors safe. That’s because a mom, including human mothers like this brave woman, will fight tooth and nail to keep anyone from touching a hair on her baby’s head.

And if the mom in question is a tigress? I’s probably a good idea to stay far, far away from her and her cub. While we’ve seen plenty of instances where tiger cubs have been successfully fostered by humans, it’s almost always in cases where mom isn’t around to take care of her babies.

That said, there are exceptions to every rule. While we would never recommend approaching a mama tiger and her baby, a pair of playful shepherd dogs get a pass! That’s because, at the Oasis of the Siberian Tiger in Senec, Slovakia, tigers and dogs are often raised together from a very early age.

The organization has 25 tigers, who live together in smaller groups. This adult and baby duo were both born at the organization, and have been raised with the dogs from a very early age, so they see the large dogs as friends and fellow tigers! Check out the group’s adorable interactions in the video below.

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