Adorable French Bulldog Has The Best Reaction Ever To Going For A Walk


When I was a kid, my parents invented code words for ‘walk’, so that our excitable Labrador wouldn’t freak out any time the word came up in conversation. For a while, they spelled it out, then, as she got smarter,  they switched to ‘klaw’ (‘walk’ backwards), and finally ‘paseo’ (the Spanish translation.) Maybe I’m biased, but I’m starting to think that the guy in this video is going to want to invest in a few quality codewords for this easily-amped French bulldog.

While only a few seconds long, this video serves up super-condensed cuteness via this adorable relationship, featuring man and man’s best friend. In this case, the canine bff in question can barely handle the excitement when — like this high-fashion pug — he’s asked one irresistible question.

His owner gets as far as, ‘Do you wanna go for a—’ before the little guy completely loses his mind. His reaction is almost as amazing as this guilty Great Dane who shouldn’t take up gambling any time soon. I don’t know if there was a visible leash off-camera to tip him off, or if he’s just that attuned to the best time of day, but I kind of get it. I have a similar reaction to going to the gym. Hahaha, just kidding. I have a similar reaction to the promise of cheese-based foods. You win this one, Frenchie.

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