Adorable Lion Cubs Hug Favorite Zookeeper Goodbye


While most people would probably fear coming face-to-face with a lion, photographer Shlomi Nissim has a very unique friendship with a pair of lion cubs. In fact, he’s pretty fearless, cuddling up to these beloved lions as if they’re domesticated house cats.

After bonding with the lions for a while, Nissim had to leave. He decided to visit the lions one last time to say goodbye, and it was all captured on camera.

In the video below, the man holds out his arms, asking for a goodbye hug. The two lions don’t want to see their favorite human leave and wrap him in a big hug. The one cub even nuzzles the man and gives him some big wet kisses!

It’s so crazy that these massive, majestic animals are being so sweet to him. But sometimes wild animals can warm up to their favorite humans — much like the injured tiger who loves swimming with in the pool with an zoo specialist.

These lions could easily hurt the man, but as you can see in the video, they seem to have a very special bond and truly trust each other. It’s important to remember that he’s trained to work with wild animals and was under the supervision of another zoo worker when he decided to say goodbye to these creatures.

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