This Adorable Piglet Has A Case Of ‘The Zoomies’ When He Gets Super-Hyper


What do you do when you have some extra energy you need to blow off? Maybe you like to hit up the gym and pump some iron as a healthy outlet. Or maybe you’re like me and just dance around your living room to all your favorite tunes! No gym membership necessary for that, although you do run the risk of getting some weird looks when your family comes home and finds you busting a move.

For this super-excited little piglet, all he needs is some fresh dirt and room to run around. The cutie’s name is Oliver and he’s definitely got a case of what his humans call “the zoomies.” The term is pretty self-explanatory when you watch the little dude zoom at top speed all around the backyard as fast as his tiny legs can carry him. He takes a few breaks to rub his snout and face in the dirt, but it never takes long for him to get back to sprinting around and around! It almost makes you dizzy just watching his happy laps. It also kind of reminds me of my younger cousin when he gets just one sip of his mom or dad’s sugary soda at dinner. Practically bouncing off the walls!

After this much action, I bet the sweet boy is ready to snuggle up for a nice long nap. And then go right back at it all over again!

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