This Adorable Tiny Piglet Waking Up From A Nap Is Too Cute To Handle


When you think of adorable animals, what kinds of fur babies come to your mind? Some obvious contenders are puppies and kittens, with some more controversial contenders like baby hippos and spiny hedgehogs. Some people might even think little snakes are the cutest thing ever, while others wouldn’t go near one with a 50-foot pole.

Everyone’s got their own personal preferences when it comes to what makes them melt into a puddle, but there are definitely some animals that are going to make the cut for almost everyone. For instance, piglets are definitely going to make the top 10. It doesn’t matter who you are — their adorable oinks and teeny little tails are enough to send anyone into cuteness overload. I mean, they’re an adorable shade of powder pink… What could possibly be cuter than that?

While this piglet was sleeping under a pile of wood shavings, he was probably dreaming about frolicking in a field in the sunshine with his other tiny pink piggy friends. He was so cozy in his little bed, under his heating lamp, but when his human mom comes into the room and asks him if he wants to go outside to play, he can’t contain his excitement.

Spoiler alert: it’s the cutest thing ever, and you’re probably going to watch this a few times in a row.

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