After 20 Years Chained At The Circus, The Mountain Lion Is Finally Back In The Woods


Imagine living in prison for the rest of your life, it’s very depressing, isn’t it? Animals feel the same when they are forced to live in one place all their lives. And this story is about one of those animals.

Mufasa, a mountain lion, spends his entire life in the back of an old truck that drives around the cities of Peru, known as the “roadside circus”.

Just because an animal is “interesting” or “cool” doesn’t mean it should live its life just to entertain people.

Like Mufasa, who was chained and hated for over 20 years, there are many animals that live in small cages for the entertainment of people.

But that all changed in 2015 when Mufasa was rescued by Animal Protection International. He was caught trying to shut down the Peruvian circus where he worked. He will never be forced to live the life he doesn’t want, he finally has the opportunity to live the life he wants. Watch the video below.



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