After Hurting Her Leg, Vets Recommended Euthanization, Months Later She Surprised All


There’s something inherent about a pony that would make you fall for them any day. Those creatures are just awesome. That’s why you’ll understand why this family couldn’t let their poor animal meet the death syringe. They made the right decision!

Her story started when Molly the pony survived a hurricane with a severe leg injury. It was so bad that the vets recommended that she be put to sleep. But her owners, Glen and Kaye Harris, couldn’t let her go just yet. They loved her too much!

Fortunately for Molly, the vets came up with a nice plan to amputate her leg and fix in a prosthetic leg in place of the injured one. She now works to inspire people to fight on in life. Molly visits hospitals, schools, and any other place that her touching character could make a difference. She’s truly great, and her family takes good care of her.

In the video, you get to meet cute, lovely Molly. You’ll love her.

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