After three years of separation, the dog returned to the arms of his owner


Vance McFarland, a military expert, has a dog named Icarus, his best friend in Afghanistan. This Czech Shepherd was a trained tactical dog for detecting explosives.

He was also very devoted to Vance.

They returned home and took a short photo with their missionary partner, taking Icarus from Vance and returning him to Afghanistan.


Mission K9 Rescue and the American War Dog Association got involved and helped Icarus and the other dogs return to their mission partners.

The groups were to follow McFarland as the first coordinator of Icarus.
Vance went on to describe how he felt he was “harassed” on Facebook after receiving messages from people about Icarus. Now remember that this guy is a soldier. For them, tracking is different from ordinary people.


But imagine her joy when she finds out about her former partner.

I hope he remembers me.


It’s been three years, and yes, I remember Icarus Vance. Seeing Icarus turn Vance around the corner, Vance called out to him, and the handsome dog threw him right into McFarland’s lap.

Look how he hugs and smells Vance!


Hugs and cuddles all around!

Talk about emotional. Even Vance’s face, a man trained for war, is full of obvious joy. That’s love between a man and his best friend. You bet Ikar went home with him.


This adorable shepherd will spend the remainder of his days with Vance’s wife and two other dogs, spoiled and showered with love as all dogs deserve.


The Czech is also called the Bohemian Shepherd.

They are an intelligent and sociable breed, originally intended to be guard and working dogs. This breed loves to be around kids and families, which means a lot of exercise and playtime for would be owners. They are patient and will learn quickly, using their high intelligence to good use.

Not a problem for Vance and Ikar.

“These dogs should NEVER be taken from their buddies (trainers), when he comes back home so should the dogs. These dogs are magnificent! That dog was so happy & sure remembered his friend.”

Seems to be the same sentiments by the others.

“When the soldier said “I love you” to his buddy, my heart started crying!”

If Ikar did an excellent job during his deployment, (we’re sure he did) then he’s going to do a much better job being a family dog at home. These Czech Shepherds get along great with anyone, including other pets. Plus he has so much space to stretch his legs without the risk of a bomb going off.


Vance says they have a lot of toys at home but they’ll still go and get some more. Five year old Ikar can enjoy an early retirement.

We are very happy that these two are back where they belong. What a wonderful meeting.

See the meeting below for yourself!
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