‘American Girl’ Dolls Are Offering A Diabetic Care Kit To Better Represent All Children


American Girl dolls have been immensely popular since the late ’8os.

Owned by both girls and boys — like little 6-year-old Miles who asked his mom for a doll that looked just like him — these toys are internationally iconic.

Beautifully customized and accessorized, each doll is incredibly special and unique to her owner.

However, some children — like Anja Busse, a little girl from Wisconsin — still cannot fully identify with their beloved little dolls.

Two years ago, when Anja was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, her whole life changed.

And when she realized there wasn’t a single doll out there who looked like her, or used the same diabetic care products that she did, little Anja was crushed.

But she knew that there were other kids out there who felt left out.

So, she initiated a heroic petition that not only gathered more than 4,000 signatures, but also prompted the company to offer its own line of miniature diabetes care kits for the dolls.

Scroll on to see the amazing new products American Girl is offering, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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The first American Girl doll was sold in 1986. Today, millions of people visit its 24 retail stores each year, bringing along their little girls to marvel at the splendid rows of doll-sized accessories, clothes, and furniture.


Originally, just a handful of dolls were sold, each representing a different time period of American history.

Young girls can now visit the company website and customize their own doll — complete with hair color, style, skin tone, and eyes — to make a complete, miniature replica of themselves.


Two years ago, 11-year-old Anja Busse, from Antigo, WI, felt that this wasn’t enough.



Recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Anja wanted to do something about the fact that little girls everywhere felt left out.


So she started a petition on Change.org to have the company make diabetic accessories for the dolls.


“I want to have diabetic accessories for my American Girl doll so she is just like me,” Anja wrote.


“I just want everyone to feel good about themselves… Whether they have a disability, blindness, deaf, diabetes, and so much more!”


Beginning this month, American Girl is finally putting these products on sale.

Available at $24, the “diabetes care kit” comes with an insulin pump, a glucose meter, a lancing device, glucose tablets, a medical alert bracelet, a diabetes log book, an insulin pen, insulin pump skin stickers, and a bag.


In addition, girls with cancer or alopecia can customize their dolls to be bald. Accessories like hearing aids are also available for the dolls.

Hopefully the company will come out with new products in the future, so that more medical conditions can be represented among the children.


We’re incredibly happy that American Girl has debuted these new diabetic care kits.

Not only will it help more little girls to feel included, but it will also help educate all kids about the conditions and difficulties that other children face.

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