American Soldiers Who Died In Vietnam Left These Things Behind. It’s Tragic.


War is a hell that touches almost everyone’s life at some point. Whether you’re a soldier, a government employee or just an average Joe, when your country goes to war, it affects you. For those who lose their lives and the people they love for their country? It’s even worse.

These engraved Zippo lighters were left by American soldiers who never made it back from Vietnam. When you see them, the pain of loss will hit you. Over 200,000 US soldiers were either wounded or killed in the war.

The Zippo was a vital tool for soldiers during the war. You could get one for $1.80 at the post exchange store and then have it personalized. It was a more dependable tool than pretty much everything else. It was used for lighting cigarettes, illuminating letters from home, and for other more deadly purposes.

These engraved Zippos provide a unique lens through which to view war in Vietnam all these years later. It’s haunting.





(H/T: Ebaums World)

These soldiers left behind a piece of themselves in Vietnam. More than likely, their families never knew about their lighters or personal effects that were lost. It’s sad that these messages of bravery, life and love were never seen by mothers, girlfriends or wives. Share them now and remember these brave soldiers.



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