An electrician gathers people to renovate an old woman’s house, and her condition is dire


Gloria, an elderly woman from Woburn, Massachusetts, has lived in her home on Lillian Street since 1969. His only company is his dog Chu Chu. It’s not easy to be alone at his age.

In September 2020, there was no electricity in the house due to a sudden flash of lightning. Glorida needed help.

The neighbor handed Gloria over to Kinney’s electrician John Kinney.

John was used to judging when he entered his client’s house, but nothing had been prepared for him at Gloria’s house.

When I went to her house, I found that the electricity was very bad. ”
– wrote the electrician on Facebook.

“Half of it had no light or stove, and the refrigerator was plugged into an extension cord. I turned off the lights and the air conditioner to avoid electric shock. ”

Kinney fixed the lighting but he knew the house needed way more work.

A broken kitchen sink, low ceilings, junk and overgrown vegetation were all potential hazards especially for a woman her age.

Gloria had little money and no family so she had no way of dealing with the necessary repairs.

John was an electrician but the thought of Gloria living in such a state bothered him so he went ahead and searched his contacts for anyone willing to help fix up the house.

The volunteers came with John, and together they cleaned up the yard and all the rubbish. John drew attention to the interior of Gloria’s house.

“He has a serious plumbing problem that needs to be fixed. Drywall is now undergoing major repairs. A huge number of paintings. The brick staircase in front of him is an accident waiting in the wings, ”added John.
John had a team, but no money.

On August 16, John launched a Facebook fundraising campaign that raised over $ 63,000. That’s more than the $ 75,000 he was aiming for.

“We knew he needed help, that’s understandable,” said John’s brother Dan. “But he’s really kind and polite, so he never wants to ask anyone.”
The following weekend, a group of plumbers, landscape designers and carpenters prepared to rebuild Gloria’s ruined home. They cleaned up his yard, rebuilt the porch, and removed all the nooks and crannies. The Kinney brothers even installed a new electrical system.

Local restaurants supplied him with food, and neighbors donated cash and sent him gifts.
“I couldn’t afford that kind of help,” Gloria told WHDH. “I am so grateful that you cannot imagine.”
John founded a Facebook group called Gloria’s Gladiators, a group of professional marketers and volunteers dedicated to helping any elderly person in need.



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