The Andrews Sisters Perform “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”


Even though the nation hadn’t entered the war yet, just about everyone knew it as an accepted fact that sooner or later, our American boys were probably going to be shipped out to fight off the evil Nazi plague, which was one battle away from destroying the United Kingdom.

After the start of a peacetime draft, the expansion ofAmerica’s armed forces showed the general anticipation of American involvement in the European conflict. World War two was going to be such a total war that the American people had to be 100% behind the idea. Having enough soldiers was one thing, but the full force of Hollywood was just as important to ensure that the evils of Fascism would not win the day.

As part of the newest Abbott and Costello film Buck Privates, the talented skills of the Minnesota born Andrews sisters were shown with their engaging performance of “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” a catchy song about a trumpet playing private who could only play his instrument when he had a boogying band backing him up. The song was nominated for an Academy Award for best song, and is considered #6 on the list of “Best Songs of the 20th Century.”

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor a year later, war was inevitable; Hitler declared war on the states and after a long hard fight, the American people, its soldiers, and the Andrews Sisters solidified themselves into world history until the end of time.

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