Andy Griffith Explains What Charity Is To Opie


This classic clip from The Andy Griffith Show is arguably one of the most heartwarming scenes from the whole show.

Anyone who remembers this clip will easily feel amazing waves of nostalgia wash through your soul, and when you wait for the ending joke, you’ll see why this show was so popular and still remains one of the most beloved television shows of all time.

The scene itself is simple enough: Andy has a bit of a bone to pick with little Opie. It turns out that Opie’s entire class was asked to donate some money for children in need, and Opie gave a whole three cents! Andy, disappointed that his son isn’t more willing to be charitable, tries to tell him the importance of being a giving person.

The conversation quickly derails with Opie’s confusion over the meaning of specific words. By the end of the hilarious exchange Andy feels a bit sad over his son’s unwillingness to part with his own money. Andy believes charity is important when you’re giving of your own volition, just because its good for the soul to be charitable.

But at the last possible second, Opie leaves his dad in awe when he reveals what he’s saving all of his money for instead. And when you watch this clip you’ll see why so many people love it so much!

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