“Angel” Nurse Adopts Terminal Patient’s Son


Tricia Seaman is a nurse at Pinnacle Health Hospital in Harrisburg, PA. She’s worked there for 14 years and most patients say: There’s something about that nurse, Tricia.

But there’s another Tricia in this story, Tricia Somers. Somers was admitted to the hospital after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Somers regards Seaman as her “angel.”

While recovering from a procedure, Seaman walked into her room and suddenly everything was different.

“Before she even said anything, I just felt comfort. It was almost like someone just put a warm blanket on me,” said Somers. “I’ve never felt anything like that before or any other connection with anybody else.”

Somers received news that her cancer was terminal. That meant her 8-year-old son Wesley would be without a mommy. By chance, she ran into Seaman. “I mean what do you say to somebody? She’s 45 years old. So I just gave her a hug,” said Seaman.


Then Somers made an unbelievable request: “‘Can you take my son? Will you raise him if I die?’”

Though she barely knew the nurse who brought her so much light in dark times, she knew in her gut she had to ask.

Seaman consulted her family then she did the unthinkable. She didn’t just take in Somers’ son; she took her in too.

This reminds me of Laura Ruffino and Elizabeth Diamond. Laura made a promise that if Elizabeth passed away she would take care of her four children. Laura made good on that promise, and now, Seaman is.

When asked why she would do something so unbelievable for a stranger, Seaman’s answer was simple. “That’s what we’re supposed to do — more than we’re asked.”

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