These Artists Accomplish More With One Brush Stroke Than Most People Ever Could.


When I heard that these paintings were done with a single brush stroke, I didn’t expect much more than a boring ol’ squiggle, but what these artists were able to accomplish was so much more than that. Despite only using one stroke, they were able to incorporate patterns, depth, and other details you’d expect from a high quality painting. The artists below specialize in “Hitofude Ryuu,” which are elaborate dragon paintings that they’re able to create, for the most part, with a solo stroke.

The end result is impressive enough alone to be considered awesome, but how they achieve that finished product adds another level to your appreciation to the pieces. Take a look!



Wow! They were able to make THAT in one stroke? That’s incredible!

Oh, he’s only just begun? I knew that.

Okay, now that the dragon’s head is ready, it’s time for that one-stroke body!

Watch the video below to see this amazing painting of a dragon come to be!




How about another?







These paintings are made with one stroke, but that doesn’t mean there can only be one subject.



(via Colossal)

Awesome! I don’t think I could do that with a million brush strokes! This is some serious talent – share it with others by clicking on the button below.



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