It Started Out As A Cute Grooming Session, But I LOST IT When The Cat On The Left Does THIS


Unlike their canine counterparts, cats typically like to keep themselves nice and clean. Grooming is an important part of every kitty’s life, but it’s also the perfect way to show affection to their friends, too! When brothers Seamus and Angus cozied up together for some family germ removal, things started out pretty normal. But then, Seamus surprised everyone by revealing some very unexpected feelings for his sibling.

Kitties really have a knack for taking a routine cleaning and making it completely adorable. These three best friends had an entire grooming party, but Seamus and Angus prove that it really only takes two to bring out the “awww”in us. But cats don’t only enjoy licking their fellow felines; this one was so kind as to give a bath to a human baby! Still, I’ve never seen any kitty get so into grooming as Seamus did. I wonder if he was just completely overcome with brotherly love, or if Angus still had some leftover cat food around his mouth?

We may never know what inspired Seamus’ sudden moments of passion, but it’s clear that these two brothers couldn’t love each other more. Even if he’s weirded out by his sibling’s adorably aggressive kisses, Angus shows no sign of being annoyed. Forget the idea of “puppy love” — kitty love is way, way cuter!

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