These Audio Illusions Will Blow Your… Ears. It’s Not Just Your Eyes That Can Deceive You.


Your eyes aren’t the only part of your body that can be tricked. Optical illusions are fun and maybe you can understand why the happen… but what about auditory illusions? There are more ways to fool your brain!

Processing stimuli can be tricky business, for both our eyes and our ears (and even our nose and mouth). Sometimes, your mind will want so badly to believe one thing, that it can’t understand what it’s actually experiencing.

Not a believer? Just watch the video below and you’ll discover just how easily you can confuse your ears!

(H/T I Love Science)

This video from AsapSCIENCE proves that our ears AND our eyes can be easily tricked. In fact, all of your senses can be manipulated. Magicians rely on the fact that they can be so easily swayed (as well as pickpockets, artists and more). Cool, right? Share this with others by clicking on the button at the bottom of this article.



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