Awesomely Weird Military Uniforms From Around the World. What In The…


Militaries around the world love parades. They wear special uniforms and march in formation, sometimes carrying impressive weaponry and medals. These parades are a point of national and personal pride for both the participants and the spectators. Parades also often combine history and culture with modernity on a grand scale.

Sometimes things get a bit too weird at parades. We collected images of military parades from around the world. Some parades are flush with tradition. Some definitely are not as traditional.



1.) 60th Anniversary Parade, North Korea

Every woman knows that an important factor in choosing a skirt is if it restricts full leg movement.

2.) French Foreign Legion, Bastille Day Parade

The dress uniform of the “sapeurs” (or “sappers”) includes an axe and a leather apron. Sappers were historically frontline combat engineers who dug offensive trenches and “sapped” the enemy’s defenses.

3.) Trooping the Colour, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh

I don’t know, I still think his hat is less ridiculous.

4.) Republic Day Parade in Delhi, India

It’s a bit hard to see exactly what’s going on here, but after some squinting, you can see that the fans are on their heads.

5.) Greek soldiers at a Roman military parade

I guess they figured that if their full skirts and pom-pom shoes failed to intimidate, their huge guns would do the trick. They’re putting on their best “don’t talk to me” faces, too, which helps.

6.) Snipers in full camouflage, military parade, Iran

There’s something both hilarious and terrifying about ghillie suits. In a group, though, they resemble more of a Muppet Revolution.

7.) Chinese Air Hostess Army

I just don’t put the words “air hostess” and “army” together, but I guess it’s a thing. Even their guns are travel-size! I’m sure everyone’s seat trays are folded up post-haste with these ladies in charge.

8.) Military parade in Azerbaijan

These uniforms are not outlandish, but they outdid themselves in the makeup department. The guy in the middle eschewed the light-to-dark spectrum look in favor of a more striking contrast. We salute your fashion-forwardness, sir.

9.) Carabinieri in Italy

Valentino designed these uniforms, but we think the models’ runway walks are a bit stiff.

10.) Taiwanese equivalents of Navy SEALs, Parade in Taiwan

More makeup from the Taiwanese military. It makes the pink of their mouths so creepy.

11.) Policemen at a military parade, Iran

“Okay, we just have to hope that no criminals decide that balaclavas are also a good idea.”

12.) May Day Parade, Russia


As the parade passed, the photographer dropped to his knees, lamenting, “I’ll never have legs like that.” Meanwhile, the woman in the second row from the left, one person back, is having none of this micro-mini business.


If you had to choose, which one of these parade looks would you go for? A beard/axe/leather apron combo? A breezy mini? A different combination? I would personally enjoy a skirt and balaclava parade.

Images via oobject.



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