This Baby Is Dying. Watch What Happens When He Meets A Blind Dog…


When we first meet a tiny piglet named Henry, he’s on the verge of death. Cold and weak, he was saved from a farm factory as a newborn.

Like many other animals raised in a farm factory, Henry was born in a small crate alongside his siblings. His mother was in such poor condition that she couldn’t take care of him. She couldn’t even move.

But when the folks at the Brightside Farm Sanctuary decided to scoop Henry up and bring him back to his safe new home, they began to see major changes. Within a few weeks, he started to gain back his physical and mental health — due in part to a new friend he made at the Sanctuary. You see, Raffy, a blind golden retriever became Henry’s adoptive “mother.”

In the video below, you’ll see incredibly touching images of Henry and Raffy cuddling close, providing one another with comfort and affection. Raffy gave Henry all the motherly love he never had and, in return, Raffy had a newfound sense of purpose despite his special needs.

Today, Henry is a happy, healthy pig who remains as close as can be with Raffy. They’re best friends and soul mates! What a lovely story that deserves to be seen and heard.

Bravo to the Brightside Farm Sanctuary for all of the incredible work they continue to do. PleaseSHARE this story of love and hope with your friends on Facebook!

Henry never knew a mother’s love — until he met Raffy, a blind male dog who took Henry under his wing.





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