Baby Frantically Cries In Distress. But Dog Approaches And Tries His Best To Make Him Stop.


People say it all the time, but it definitely bears repeating: We don’t deserve dogs. As far as I’m concerned, dogs are pretty much the most wonderful, kindest animals on earth. They’re sensitive souls and will do everything they can to love and comfort the humans in their presence, from young to old.

I know that my dogs are a constant source of comfort. My older dog, who was rescued from an abusive home, and had a long difficult road of recovery from both physical and emotional injuries, has been my companion for fourteen years.

Every night, she curls up in bed with me and her mere presence allows me to sleep more deeply and more comfortably. When I am sad or stressed, she’ll come and lay her head on my lap as if to remind me, that I am always loved and no matter what, she is there for me. My younger dog is more rambunctious, but he shows me love through playful friendship and brief quiet moments. Spending time with them is often the best part of my day.

And if you have a pet, I’m sure you can relate to these sentiments! Certain breeds of dogs make wonderful family pets, and labradors are known for being good with children.

Peanut the lab is especially good with his tiny human sibling. When the baby cries, Peanut licks the baby until it’s calm and feels comforted. It’s important to remember that dogs should be properly introduced to babies and children, and youngsters should never be left unsupervised with a dog. In this case, the entire scenario is cute and innocent.



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