Baby French Bulldog Has Impressive Tricks Up His Sleeve


Twelve-week-old French Bulldog Brody Brixton has only been with his family for a mere four days. But what he’s been able to accomplish in that short time span is an incredible feat. Brody’s owner hopes he can become a therapy dog like his big sister Misa Minnie, a Yorkshire Terrier. It seems like Brody is well on his way towards that goal.

French Bulldogs are great companion dogs and were originally bred to be “toy” bulldogs, perfect for sitting in their owners’ laps, according to the American Kennel Club. They have a stocky build and a short face to accompany their signature “bat” ears. A French Bulldog won’t keep you up at night barking and they are eager to please, not to mention adorable.

See the video below to check out all the tricks Brody has learned in just a matter of days. I’m blown away by this pup’s diligent behavior. What did you think of his tricks? Sound off in the comments section or on Facebook letting us know what you thought of this video. Be sure to share it so everyone can get a glimpse of this adorable pooch.



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