Baby Girl And Her Beagle Prove That Dogs Are FAMILY


When you have a dog for a long time and then one day welcome a new baby into your family and home, the result can be pretty confusing for your pet.

Sometimes, you just truly don’t know how the dog will react — if they’ll be loving, protective, feel threatened or jealous. Even though being parent to a dog and a baby can be a little more work than what you’re used to, there’s no denying that it can be the greatest blessing in the world.

One couple who knows this well are Daniel Drzewiecki and Julija Kolpakowa, the loving parents of a dog named Charlie and an adorable baby girl. As you can see in this video, the couple never taught their dog how to love their young daughter, the beagle just knew what to do. Since the very first day they brought home the baby and introduced her to their dog, Charlie has been an incredible mother’s helper. He really has become just like Mom and Dad’s very own Mary Poppins, always being there for the baby girl he loves as his own.

This video proves that dogs are way more than just a pet. Dogs are family members who stick with us through thick and thin. This little girl was not just blessed with a family pet, but a lifelong friend — and brother!

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