Baby Goat Tries To Play With Unwilling Mother


Baby animals are usually playful, but it’s hard to think of any creature more rambunctious than a baby goat. Kids (the ones with hooves) have a ton of energy, and they love spending it by running around, play-fighting, and climbing. Of course, when you’re the mother to one of these little cuties, it’s pretty easy to get exhausted quickly. But that didn’t stop this goofy goat from treating his mommy like a furry jungle gym!

Goats, especially kids, aren’t really picky when it comes to playmates. This cutie-pie didn’t even hesitate to approach a horse that was much bigger than him and try to start a head-butting contest! You’d think that these little guys would have better luck playing with their own kind, but as this video shows, that might not always be the best approach. This momma just wants to have a nice, peaceful nap, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon!

People always think dogs are the most playful pets, but this kid is proof that goats can be just as fun. I mean, wouldn’t it be amazing to be tackled by a bunch of these babies like this lucky woman was? If I ever get the chance to own enough land, you can bet that one of these funny animals will be the first furry friend I bring home.

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