Baby Goats Can’t Stop Dancing When They Explore Their New Playground


There’s something about baby goats that everybody loves. Whether it be their adorable little faces or their fun-loving attitudes, whatever the reason, just about everyone on earth’s heart absolutely melts when they see a silly baby goat begin to explore the world around her.

So when the baby goats in this hilarious video were given a new little play area as their human friends built them a bigger home, they reacted in the cutest way possible: by jumping up and down and flopping all over the place!

The little black goat seems about as excited as the baby goat who found out she could climb on top of a big sleeping pig. But when these two goats find out that they can run on the large piece of plywood? They can’t help but dance like crazy!


Baby goats are known for this distinctive “dance,” and when you watch them pull it off, you won’t be able to wipe the smile off of your face. These two best friends are so excited to explore their new space, and as they wait for their even bigger home, we have a feeling they’re well taken care of.

Their human friends seem to be taking good care of these energetic little babies! These two deserve a loving home, and we’re so happy to see that they’ve been given a fun place to play while they wait for the construction to be finished. When these two babies play with their new human best friend? We couldn’t stop smiling!

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