Baby Goats Have The Funniest Reaction To Meeting Barn Chicken


Baby goats can be quite darling, especially when they meet other animals for the first time.

In this funny clip, three fainting baby goats frolic and play around the barn when they’re approached by a barn chicken. The goats freeze in the tracks before jumping up onto a bail of hay, thinking they’re out of harm’s way.

The goats aren’t sure what to make of this new creature. They have an epic stand-off, and it’s too funny. It’s obvious the chicken means no harm, but these billies do a pretty hilarious job of trying to act tough and adorably failing. (This trio is almost as cute as the baby goats who got new pajamas and could barely contain their excitement!)

Who ultimately wins the barnyard battle? You’ll have to watch for yourself and decide. Now if only these unlikely pals could all get along as nicely as Pipsqueak the pygmy goat and his favorite puppy pal!

Watching these cute (and clumsy) goats trying to defend their part of the barn is just an endless amount of cuteness. Now, if only this clip was a little longer. Don’t you agree?!

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