When A Baby Horse Was Burning In A Fire, His Mother Did The UNTHINKABLE! This Is INCREDIBLE!


They say a mother’s love knows no bounds, but just how far will a mother pony go to protect her baby foal? As you will see in this video, some would risk it all.

A mother pony named Bella bravely shielded her two-week-old foal from fire, as the Texas barn the two animals lived in nearly burnt to the ground. Firefighters found Bella protecting her baby, Butterscotch, in the corner of the barn, where she shielded the baby from flames and falling debris.

While baby Butterscotch only suffered minor burns from the incident, nearly half of Bella’s body was covered in burns or injured from falling debris. The ponies’ owners realized they couldn’t give Bella the proper care she needed, so they turned them over to an equine clinic where she is receiving the best treatment and care.

Slowly, Bella is pulling through. She has shown signs of infection and may need surgery on her ears, but the most important thing is that she survived. There’s only one reason she did survive, too – so she could take care of her sweet baby.

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