Baby Left At Fire Station Grows Up And Has Something To Say To Her Mom


On February 15, 2003, a fire station in Westminster, Colorado received a knock on the door that went down in the town’s history and is now making viral headlines. Engineer Tom O’Neill was the person who answered the door all those years ago. What he discovered on the other side was a couple motioning to leave their baby girl at the fire station.

Under the Colorado Safe Haven Law, parents are allowed to leave a baby up to three days old with an employee at any fire station or hospital with no questions asked. This is exactly what happened that day on February 15th. Now, news agencies are catching up with the girl who had been abandoned and she has some very poignant things to say.
Halle Burke is now 12 years old and is determined to find her birth mother. She was adopted by Julie and John Burke, a couple who had trouble conceiving around the time that Halle was abandoned. What Halle shares with news reporters is moving hearts everywhere.


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