Her Baby Suddenly Rolls Down The Hill. When She Gets To The Bottom? OMG!


Are you ready for the cutest video in the world? Seriously, you’re really in for it…

Sophie is an English bulldog puppy with a huge personality and a #1 favorite activity: rolling down grassy hills. Trust me, it’s adorable.

Sophie’s mom Kathryn says, “Sophie stunned us with her fantastic rolling abilities one day and continued to do this for a few months in different areas of my yard. Usually she just throws herself onto her back and rolls around but the first few times she did it she happened to be on a sloping hill. She did this within a few days of us getting her, she was 2 months old. The video is from the very first time she did it. She is now 6 months old (March 2014) and still does it on occasion. I did not teach her to do this as my rolling skills are not as good. I just set her down to go potty and as you see in the video, she threw herself down on the ground and rolled down the hill. I picked her up, terrified that she had ‘fallen’ down this hill but I put her back down and she just did it again and again, 4 more times with such gusto we realized she was just having a ball! We were a bit afraid that she had ‘issues’ but she’s perfectly fine.”

After some investigation, Kathryn learned Sophie’s mother did the same thing! Guess it runs in the family!

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