Baby’s Jam Comes On The Radio. So He Turns It Up, Literally


Imagine– you’re alone in your car with your best friend. The windows are rolled down and you’re zooming away from all of your worries. Suddenly, your jam comes on the radio. What do you do?

Turn up the radio and bust a move? Yeah, that’s exactly what this little guy does too, just ask Mom.

They’re both chilling in their ride when he hears a familiar tune. It’s the soundtrack to his life. So, he reaches his little hand over the to knob and turns it up, rightfully so. As soon as the base drops, he starts grooving!

Mom may have been acting like the ultimate party-pooper, turning it down a notch, but nothing is killing this baby’s vibe. He just reaches over and turns it up some more! *BOOMCH BOOMCH*

We got to hand it to him, he has rhythm!

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