The Babysitter Is Abusing Their Infant Baby. Now Watch What The Family Dog Does.


It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.

South Carolina couple Benjamin and Hope Jordan hired 22-year-old Alexis Khan to care for their seven-month-old son. The new parents did all the right things — Khan came up clean in a background check, and they felt she was a good fit.

However, Benjamin and Hope began to notice their dog Killian became especially protective over their son, especially when Khan would walk through the door. Killian grew more and more aggressive with the babysitter, until one day, Benjamin and Hope decided to listen to their gut.

Hope put an iPhone under the couch to record what happened while they were at work. That day, they listened to the tape and were horrified what they heard — cussing, slapping, crying, yelling. Khan had been abusing their baby, and Killian’s behavior led them to the truth.

Kahn plead guilty to assault and battery. As part of her plea, in addition to serving 1-3 years in prison, she was also placed on a child abuse registry.

Just like the famous cat named Tara who saved her brother’s life, the entire country hails Killian a hero. In the video below, meet the entire Jordan family, who has an important message for all parents. “Listen to your intuition, and your pets.”

Thank goodness for this amazing dog, otherwise who knows how long the abuse would have lasted.

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