Backyard Patio Transforms Into Hidden Swimming Pool


As far as backyard features go, there are very few things cooler than a swimming pool hidden beneath a patio. Yet that’s the precisely what the folks at Hidden Water Pools created, seen below in a promotional video uploaded on Dec. 26, 2011.

According to a website affiliated with the brand, Hidden Water Pools are operated using hydraulic lifts that lower and raise the pool floor, allowing water to flow and drain accordingly. The company boasts various benefits for this technology, including safety – unattended children won’t be at risk if the pool is sealed beneath the surface of a patio – and less required cleaning. Hidden Water Pools also notes that the pool depth is adjustable, ranging anywhere from 1 inch to 6 feet, broadening its recreational capabilities.

While this technology generated a lot of buzz on the Internet (this YouTube video has over 4 million views), Pool Pricer reports that Hidden Water Pools was acquired by Arizona-based pool company, Invisipools. However, despite releasing an equally impressive promotional video in October of last year, the Invisipools website is now defunct, and the status of the company is unclear.

While Hidden Water Pools and Invisipools may no longer be in business, there’s no doubting that someone will continue to bring this impressive technology to market. After all, who wouldn’t want a convertible backyard space where your family can eat dinner one minute and take a refreshing dip the next?



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