Bad Horse Drags A Man


The horse, which moved to the new yard, got scared and ran in the opposite direction, dragging the elusive one about 40 meters along with it. Solarium manager Danny-Lee Webster, 23, was taking pictures of his yard manager Mitchell, 23, and his three-year-old horse Bally when he suddenly became frightened and ran in the opposite direction, dragging Mitchell. with him in the cloth yard at Billericay. , Essex, England.

Mitchell was leading Belly into the paddock for the first time since moving into the paddock when a horse came up to check on him and Danny-Lee’s horse momentarily stopped and sped away from the paddock, prompting the paddock manager to slip. trying to keep his horse 40 yards on the floor. Danny-Lee said: “Usually Bally isn’t that scary, he was worth his weight in gold before and after.



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