A Bakery In California Has Made A Cake With Some Shocking Ingredients!


When it comes to desserts, everyone has a different kind of sweet tooth. Some people prefer rich desserts like cheesecake or truffles; others enjoy lighter fare like sorbet; and some would rather just have a bowl of fruit.

But no matter how you satisfy your sugary cravings,dessert is usually a household staple around the world. It’s a meal that serves to cleanse your palette, help digest your food, and mark the end of a wonderful meal.

So what would happen if your dessert was more than just a dessert? What if it was actually a fullmeal, entree and side dishes included, frosted and arranged to look like a sweet treat?

That’s exactly the question two bakers, Bree Miller and Darius Williams, asked themselves one day — and now, as reported by Delish, their stunning creations are going viral!

Do you think this “cake” looks delicious — or dangerous? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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At first glance, this dish might not seem all that special: It looks like a simple yellow cake with buttercream frosting, with a nice caramel drizzle on top. Looks delicious, but nothing out of the ordinary, right?


Well, zoom out a bit, and you’ll see that this cake is actually way out of the ordinary! What looks like frosting is actually mashed potatoes dripping with gravy — and the inside? Layers of moist cornbread. And of course, to top it all off, whole pieces of fried chicken are the delicious crown atop this incredible “cake.”


The creator of this stunning, savory masterpiece? Bree of “Bree’s Cakes,” a sweet little bakery in Los Angeles. Dubbed the “Soul Cake,” Bree has shared her amazing creation online — and, naturally, it’s quickly gone viral.



So how did she come up with this comfort food masterpiece? Bree gives all the credit to another chef, Darius Williams of “Darius Cooks.” They might look similar from the outside, but Darius’ cake hides a delicious difference.


In addition to mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread, and fried chicken, Darius’ cake includes collard greens! Talk about a “Soul Cake!”


According to Bree, the hardest part of making her cake was dealing with the mashed potato “frosting.” As she told Delish, “It was difficult because I couldn’t touch the cake because it was burning hot. I also had to move really fast because once the mashed potatoes started to cool, they started to fall off the cake.”


To make her creation look more cake-like, she eventually added some mashed potato flourishes using a piping bag.


As the cake continued to grow in popularity, Bree evolved her method. Eventually it became a three-level cake, with fresh mashed potatoes spread between each cornbread layer.


But Bree still wasn’t done! Next she added a layer of candied yams, then a layer of baked mac and cheese. (Am I the only one drooling right now?)


Would you give this unique cake a try, or does it give you a heart attack just looking at it? I’m dying to try it… Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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