Bear Sees A Bird Struggling In The Water, I Can’t Believe What She Did To It! AMAZING!


When I first started watching this video, I was a little scared of what I was going to see. A bear at the Budapest Zoo notices something in the water and tries to get it out, and only after he backs away can you see that it’s a crow! The bird looks like it’s drowning or struggling at the very least, and after the bear’s first attempt, he seems to give up and walk away.

But suddenly, she goes back to try and grab the bird one more time, and eventually drags him out of the water. I thought for sure the bear was going to eat the bird, but she just leaves him there, stunned… (“Wait, you’re not going to eat me??!” and goes about her business eating some carrots instead.

After a few moments, the bird realizes he’s safe, and stands up!

This is such an incredible rescue. This bear must be a Mama!!

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