Beautiful Tiny Hummingbirds Eat Directly From Man’s Hand


From time to time, we’ll come across a video that is so utterly beautiful and perfect in every single way that we just have to do everything we can to ensure that you and as many of  your friends as possible get the opportunity to see it, too!

The video below is a perfect example of this. It all begins oddly enough, a man’s hand is holding out two pretty little flowers, one red and one yellow. Everything seems perfectly normal but in just a few seconds you’ll see that there’s a clear reason why this video is going viral, just like the video of a very sleepy hummingbird, these little guys are getting a lot of views on Facebook and YouTube!

Just like the video that featured a group of hummingbirds having a feeding frenzy with their feeder, this video features a similar flock of little angels all fighting around a man’s hand! Have you ever seen something like this in your whole life? We always thought that these little birds were too skittish, but it just goes to show that some people naturally put animals at ease!

We just love their adorable little squeaks! By the end of this heartwarming video we just couldn’t stop smiling at how lucky this man was for being able to feed these little angels!

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