Being Too Distracted to Pass the Salt


The effects of technology on society and modern social behavior get discussed quite a lot. One of the biggest trends that a lot of people have noticed is the simple fact that working on smartphones and laptops all the time can make people distracted. They focus on their phones and their laptops instead of focusing on one another, even if something is going on in their immediate environments. This video serves as a dramatization of that principle.

Two sons at a staged family dinner table are focusing on their smartphones and ignoring their parents. One son ends up passing the pepper instead of the salt, even though his dad asked for the salt. His dad helps demonstrate how annoying that is by pulling out an old-fashioned typewriter and dramatically ignoring them as he starts typing away at it. This video subtly demonstrates the link between older and new forms of technology, while also showing that there is a time and a place for everything when it comes to smartphones. This video does indeed contain a message that many people on Facebook may need to hear.



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