The Biggest Pit Bull On The Planet Welcomes Adorable Puppies


He’s one of the biggest dogs on the planet and one of the most famous, too, but now he’s taking on a new role, and it’s guaranteed to make you smile.

When we first learned about Hulk, this dog left us completely speechless! At just a few months old, the giant pit bull reached a record-breaking 175 pounds…and still has some growing to do. As you can see in this video (with nearly 12 million views) from Hulk’s breeder, Dark Dynasty K9, the scale-tipping pup had a lot of people talking.

Many people have expressed concern about the Dark Dynasty’s breeding and training methods, but in the following video we see a much more surprising and gentler side of this giant. Hulk recently fathered two litters of pit bull puppies and has since turned into a big softie. As you can see, Hulk has been taking his new role as dad very seriously, playing with the adorable pups and trying to teach them a thing or two.

Hulk’s puppies will be trained as protection dogs, just like their daddy, before going to their new forever homes. Although we don’t agree with all of the techniques used in this video, it’s clear that this new dad has a sweet side to him, too. Just look at him in the bathtub with the little boy and his new babies!

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