Blind Man Stuns The Judges With A Southern Song On ‘The Voice’


Wow! This is exactly why I love the “blind audition” episodes on the NBC show The Voice…

The new season of The Voice on NBC is just getting started, and yet we’ve already seen some pretty incredible contenders. If you’re a little bit country like I am, you’ll be happy to see that this year the show seems to be gearing up for some truly unforgettable country performances, like when Louisiana man James Dupré shocked country-superstar judge Blake Shelton with this powerful cover of “Let Her Cry.”

However, no one has had a blind audition quite like the following incredible performer. Fargo, ND man Joe Bommersbach instantly made all four judges turn their chairs around when they heard his bone-chilling version of “If It Hadn’t Been For Love” by Nashville natives The SteelDrivers. But when they turned around, they were all in for a big surprise.

While strumming the guitar on his lap, “Blind Joe,” as he likes to be called, reveals a secret hiding under his cowboy hat. Joe was born premature and left blind in both eyes, but as you can see, that hasn’t stopped him from chasing his dreams and making music he loves.

Blind Joe ended up choosing country superstar Blake Shelton as his coach, who told him, “You’ve overcome so much. It’s time to start reaping some rewards.”

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