Blogger Creates Beautiful Proposal Video Dedicated To His Girlfriend And Her Family


We have seen some pretty amazing proposal videos. Each one has its own personality representative of the couples involved, and most of the time we end up with a bad case of the sniffles afterwards.

The best part about seeing all of these wonderful proposal videos, is that we get to see all of the unique and amazing ways people choose to propose to their significant other. Watching people put all of their time and dedication into creating something special for their loved one gives hope to all the singles out there and reassures couples everywhere that true love is a real thing.

Now I’ll be honest, I may have shed a tear when I saw the surprise proposal that one man set up during the weeding of a friend, and I definitely cried a little when I saw the proposal that took place when everyone thought they were screening a movie, but this video, created by a blogger who goes by , had me bawling my eyes out!

As someone who has plans to film a vlog every day during his twenties, Tyler definitely put his videography skills to use when he make this beautiful video dedicated to his girlfriend, their proposal, and the family that he is now forever a part of.

From documenting himself asking each sibling for their blessing, to thanking her late father for the family he created and expressing his love for his new fiancé Hailey, Tyler gives us a glimpse into this amazing couple’s life, and gives everyone else a relationship to strive for!

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