Living with the Dark Winters in Sweden Midnight sun And Polar night


Jonna Jinton is a beauty living in the north of Sweden. She posts interesting videos about her country on her YouTube channel.

A few days ago, he posted a video of them spending their long winter nights. In winter, they do not see the sun for a whole month.

Jonna Jinton,Youtube

He described northern Sweden as a place of sun and darkness. It all depends on what time of year we are. It is almost always dark in winter and light at night in summer.

In the summer, we can see the sun at certain times of the day – this phenomenon is called the midnight sun. On the other hand, in winter, the sun never appears in the sky, and this phenomenon is called the polar night.

Despite the long winter nights, Jonna never changed his home. She always likes dark days. Check out her amazing video, which has already garnered over a 3 million views online.



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