She Boils 2 Types Of Coca-Cola In A Pan. The Results? Everyone Should See.


According to Business Insider, of the 55 billion servings of all kinds of beverages drunk each day (other than water), 1.7 billion are Coca-Cola trademarked/licensed drinks. That’s a lotof soda.

In this video experiment, two types of Coca-Cola are put to the test. By boiling them over heat for about 20 minutes each, we get to see how much sugar a regular bottle of Coke has compared to Coke Zero.

Now, it’s clear regular Coca-Cola has way more sugar than Coke Zero, but is the replacement sugar found in Coke Zero any better than real sugar? You tell me. I tend to think artificial sweeteners are worse for the system.

It’s not only a cool video because it compares the contents of two types of sodas — but also because you get to see, literally, just how much sugar is in one bottle of Coke.

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