Boss Surprises Dedicated Dairy Queen Employee Of 30 Years With New Car


Julie Binning has worked at the same Sedalia Dairy Queen since 1986. After almost 30 years of loyalty to the establishment, and rising to become shift manager, she never expected the surprise that was waiting for her in the fast food restaurant’s drive-thru one morning.

As usual, her son drove her to work in the late ’80′s model sedan she owns…and the car breaks down and needs repairs more than she’d like. The cost of those repairs, along with the cost of medical bills still haunting her after her husband’s passing, are taking a toll on her financially. Still, Diary Queen boss Jorge Guevara believes that Julie is one to persist and do her best without expecting anything in return.

Just short of her 30th anniversary at the restaurant, and to thank her for her loyalty, the DQ boss organized a surprise for Julie. As she pulled into the Diary Queen parking lot one morning, she was shocked to see what was waiting for her.

At first, she thought there was a Christmas celebration going on outside, when she saw people waving and holding balloons. But then she saw it: the new blue Toyota sedan, sitting in the driveway.

Julie burst in tears, excited and moved by her boss’s generous gesture. In addition to the car, Guevara also paid the first year’s auto insurance and taxes.

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