Brave Teen Shaves Head To Support Sister With Alopecia


Ocean Anderson’s 13-year-old sister Azura is dealing with constant harassment from bullies. The big sister from Witham, U.K. is now standing up to her sister’s tormentors in the boldest way.

Like bullied kid turned model Brenda Finn, Azura has alopecia, a condition that caused her to lose all of her hair.

“I felt the treatment my little sister got was awful. She had a number of problems such as bullying or people coming up to ask if she has cancer. People would call her ‘baldy’ and they think you can catch it, so they wouldn’t sit next to her,” Ocean says.

Most of us can handle a few unkind words, but when we see a loved one hurting and in pain, that can be crippling. 18-year-old Ocean knew she had to do something, so she teamed up with the charity Fixers to show the bullies at her school that who we are in the inside is so much more important than what we look like on the inside.

Ocean got in front of a camera and shaved her head, completely bald.

“No child should suffer bullying because of the way they look. I want to change the way young people perceive appearance,” Ocean says. “I shaved my head because I wanted to show people that appearance doesn’t matter. It’s their personalities that count.”

See this brave teenage girl’s courageous story in the video below and please SHARE her positive message: What we do matters far more than how we look.

H/T: The Gazette



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