Brilliant New Maternity Beds Will Change Giving Birth For The Better


What if after giving birth, your newborn could stay right by your side?

That’s the idea behind this revolutionary new maternity bed, posted by the Australian mom’s site, BellyBelly. Along with keeping babies close to mommy throughout the night, the bed’s design also makes breastfeeding far more convenient. Following a long, hard labor, or even C-section surgery, moms have difficulty walking to and lifting their babies from a hospital bassinet. This new design promises to help – and parents will never have to wait on nurses to bring them their babies again!

Check out the brilliant new bed design below, followed by other genius new mommy inventions. Please let us know in the comments if you think the new bed design would make staying with your newborn in the hospital easier, and don’t forget to SHARE with your friends!


The new bed keeps mama and baby within arms reach right after birth.


Should you have to travel with your little one shortly after giving birth, flyebabymakes it easy – plus it’s available on Amazon for way less than a plane ticket! Get it here.


Meet a new mommy’s bestfriend – the back buddy pillow. This pillow helps support mom’s back during those early days of motherhood, when much of the time is spent feeding and in bed. Get it here.


Baby needs a comfy chair for when mom is back on her feet! Turn any table into a high-chair with this 2 lb, portable “lobster high chair” that’s compact enough to fit into a diaper bag. Get it here.



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