Meet Charlie & Milo the lovely rare twins who have down syndrome


Amazing children. However, some may find it unconventional that their parents, Dan and Julie are very happy to

Twins can often be found in photos or videos, just to get on with their everyday life, but what is natural and everyday for them has been an inspiration to people around the world. They received a lot of attention and even went viral because the twins were born with Down syndrome.

Hereditary losses, a condition that often slows down the brain and physical development. Parents with children with Down syndrome often face a number of additional challenges when raising their children, especially since the condition often carries complications. These can include learning difficulties and health complications in your children, such as heart disorders and vision problems.


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Dan and Julie have allowed us to glimpse the interior from the beautiful side that has been overlooked in raising children with Down. Of course, there are some difficulties when it comes to raising children with adaptive needs, but the joys and blessings are abundant.


That is why Jolie and Dan aim to counter bad rap music about Down syndrome. Through photos and videos full of joy and hope.

“I hope to attract families who are diagnosed with Down syndrome for their children because it can be really scary. I hope people find us and see that this is what life can be,” Mother of Twins shared with reporters. “It can be fun, full of love, not scary. We don’t regret it, and there is a lot of joy in our lives, and I hope people see it.”

Society is progressing better than it did when it comes to understanding how Down works. However, the fear of the unknown still raises many questions about how to raise a child with this condition. While society is more polite and welcoming to diversity, people with Down sometimes still need to cross old barriers when it comes to employment, getting a return, and raising a family.

The McConnels hope to create an online space where parents can learn more about what Down’s Syndrome involves. Where they can come to make more sense of diagnoses and discover the upsides of the condition.

Like Julie McConnel wrote, she discovered an online, social media network that helped her when she and Dan got the twins’ diagnoses. It gave her the drive to create the very same so that other moms and dads had somewhere to turn.

“It takes a little more time to reach the goals, but when we reach the goals we celebrate as if other parents are alive,” said Jolie. “We have a party and we are very excited about them when they do these things.”

Mello and Charlie are identical twins: It is statistically rare that they were both born with Downs. In fact, it is believed to be one in fourteen million. Jolie and Dan are delighted when they can bring comfort and insight to help mothers and other fathers go through what they went through.

“It is important to show everyone that we are here, that there are all of these children in our society, and we hope that they will see and remember us and that things will continue to change in our societies with great acceptance,” said twin father Dan.

“We are on the shoulders of other parents who have paved the way for all of these things, and it is an exciting time to have a child with Down syndrome … I want to see them grow up and do whatever they want,” added Jolie.

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