Build Your Own Floating Cooler For Just A Few Bucks!


Whether your floating in a pool, drifting on a lazy river, or fishing and need the extra room, sometimes a floating cooler is just the perfect item you need to keep you hydrated! Well, now you can make one for so little money…you’re gonna be thanking me…or actually the creators at Little Things!!


This little homemade invention is pure GENIUS! And you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to make and for so little money. Truly awesome!!

Here’s all you need: 

(1) cheap mid-size plastic container (with lid) – like an under the bed sweater box

(1) pool foam “noodle” (color, your choice and you might need two depending on the size of your box)

Package of waterproof nylon rope (you’ll cut to fit in a moment)

Step 1) Align your box next to your ‘noodle and cut it into four pieces – 2 long, 2 short. 





Step 2) Take your nylon rope and loop it through the cut pieces, forming a rectangular frame. Be sure to leave a long line with a finger-loop on one of the corners. You’ll see why in a moment.





Step 4) Fill your new floating cooler with ice and beverages and enjoy! (Note: the extra rope on the corner is for you to either hold on to yourself – so as to not float too far from your next bottle of water – or to attach to your small fishing boat.)



And when you’re done and ready to head home…dump the ice and put the lid on for easy carry and storage in your truck / car. Enjoy your time on the water and be safe with your new floating cooler!!

HT LittleThings/instructables/macgeek



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